Only Bully's MaGic Maki

100% Leavitt Bulldog

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Née le 26.01.16   -   Born 01/26/16

Fille de / daughter of 

Darkside's Khaki & Hideaway's Venus

Only bully s magic makiTaille / Size : 47 cm

Poids / Weight : 24 kg

MaGic Maki est approuvée pour la reproduction par la LBA.

MaGic Maki has been approuved for breeding by the LBA.

Only bully magic makiHanches / HD OFA : Good  Coudes / ED : 0/0  Spondylose : Normale

Only bully s magic maki

MaGic Maki : 2 years old

Magic Maki la douce, pratiquant pour le plaisir le dragpull, le canivtt ou mushing en compagnie de dj's ou avec ses enfants Raggamuffin et Onelove.

Magic Maki the sweet, practice for fun the dragpull, canivtt or mushing in the company of Dj's or with his children Raggamuffin and Onelove.


30/08/2019 OLDE BULLDOGGE SHOW 2019 Germany / Allemagne.

1st place "excellent" 3-4 years old female class,

2st place Best Female of the Breed, ring L.B, judge : David Leavitt (USA)

1st place "excellent" 3-4 years old female class,

Best Female of the Breed, ring O.E.B, judge : Lassi Suntio (Finland)