OldExodeBull's One Love

100% Leavitt Bulldog

Oldexodebull s one loveNée le 12.06.18    Born 06/12/18

Fille de / Daughter of

Rocky Mountain Bulldog's Manny & Only Bully's Magic Maki

Oldexodebull s onelove

OldExodeBull's Onelone

Taille / Size : 48 cm

Poids / Weight : 24 kg

Onelove est approuvé pour la reproduction par la LBA.

Onelove has been approuved for breeding by the LBA.

OldExodeBull's OneloneHanches / Hips OFA : Fair  Coudes / ED : 0/0  Spine : Normal

Onelove pratique le canivtt ou mushing en duo, trio ou quatuor.

Onelove practices canivtt or mushing in duo, trio or quartet.

30/08/2019 : OLDE BULLDOGGE SHOW 2019 Germany / Allemagne.

2st place "excellent" 1-2 years old female class, 7 dogs in the ring LB, judge : David Leavitt (USA)

2019 show one love