Bio Sensor - Super Dog Program

Super Dog Program

Bio Sensor Stimulation Exercises

Five Benefits of the Super Dog “Bio Sensor Stimulation Exercise:

    1. -Improved heart rate: Cardio Vascular Performance
   2. -Heart beats are stronger
   3. -Adrenal glands are stronger
   4. -A Higher tolerance to stressful situations
   5. -A higher resistance to disease.

In order to improve the performance of dogs,
our puppies follow a program accurate as
early as their third day of life and up to
their departure from our breeding.

I start with the Bio Sensor program.
It is a neurological stimulation exercise
early made between the third and the
sixteenth day of the life of the puppies.

The Bio Sensor program and a method
based on years of research, developed
by the US military in its program
canine. the army learned that the 1st
exercises neurological stimulation might
have important and lasting effects. Their
studies have confirmed that there are
periods accurate at the beginning of life
where stimulation neurological has optimal results.

The first period involves a window of
time that begins at the third day of life
and lasts until the sixteenth day.For this five
exercises, were designed to stimulate the
neurological system.
Each training session consists of
handle the puppies once a day.
The required training sessions,
manipulate one at a time while performing
a series of five exercises.

These five exercises will produce stimulations
neurological disorders, none of which occur
naturally during this early period of
life. Experience shows that sometimes
puppies will withstand these exercises, others
will seem carefree.
These exercises have an impact on the system
neurological by putting it into action earlier
provided that. The result is increased capacity
who will later help to make a difference
in his performances.

exercise :


-Hand held right:

using both hands, the puppy is held perpendicular to the ground,
so that his head is directly above his tail.
It is an ascending position.
The stimulation time is 3-5 seconds.

-The head pointing down:

Holding the puppy firmly with both hands, the head is upside down and is
pointing downwards so that it is pointing towards the ground.
The stimulation time is 3-5 seconds

-In supine position:

hold the puppy so that his back rests in the palm of both
hands with his muzzle facing the ceiling.
The stimulation time is 3-5 seconds

-Touch stimulation:

holding the puppy in one hand, the manipulator gently stimulates
toes on any foot. Using a cotton swab.
The stimulation time is 3-5 seconds.

-Thermal Stimulation:

use a damp towel that has been cooled in a
fridge. Place the puppy on the towel, feet down.
Do not hold the puppy, let it move freely.
The stimulation time is 3-5 seconds

Bio Sensor thermal stimulation

Thermal Stimulation



Once this program finishes,
I start taking them out of the crate,
introduce toys and visual objects, and place them
approx. 1 minute a day on a different surface.

stimulation awake puppy 20 days old

From the 20th day


In the program :

solid food in the form of porridge in a
first time, then less and less "crushed"
flood discovery too.
Learning noise, vacuuming, music
and everything else. This is the age for puppies
learn to handle a radical awakening with a
return to calm that follows. They will also
discover all the rooms of the house ...
they will get to know the other canine inhabitants.

Between 28th & 35th days


Puppies walk with more confidence, their vision is almost complete, and they play more and more
longer, between them as with their mother. It's time to introduce longer outings, new objects and
especially new challenges (various obstacles). I will spend more time with each pup, individually,
so to favor the puppy as an individual. It will allow him to better to apprehend the phases of
loneliness once an adult in this life. At home, the crate will turn into a mini park.

life scene

Puppy Leavitt Bulldog

Between the 5th and 7th week


Begins learning the socialization of the
Varikennel, to people and other animals (chicken).
In continue to introduce new games, toys.
And cleanliness by installing carpets
cleanliness and then the addition of a natural litter.

7th week


The puppies come out a little more from the house or their outdoor park to enjoy the garden play
with adult dogs and discover one by one traffic in the street, fire, water and explosions
inflatable balloon, firecracker.

explosion ball

Dog Musik

8th week


1st visit at the visit to the vet to suck and vaccinate. Full immersion in city life, learning to walk on a leash,
little ballads, puppies see the world (children, elderly, adults and if possible sociable dogs during their walk).
At the end of this week (at 2 months- 9 weeks) puppies can start to join their new home, families and life.

- With booklet explanatory document of the race, tips.
- International passport.
- Deworm of course from their 3rd week of life then all
   the 15 days until 2 months then every month until their 6 months.
- Rabies if needed as well as the vaccine booster.
- Certificate of good health by my Vet.
- With a discovery assortment for puppy.