History of Leavitt Bulldog

The creations of the Olde English Bulldogge by Mr David Leavitt

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with kind permission, picture offered by David Leavitt

In 1971, I started this project of
breeding a dog with the looks of the
18th century Bulldog. I had become
disenchanted with English Bulldog,
due to breeding and breathing problems.
I discoveredthat they didn't look like
their ancestors, who werehealthier and
less extreme. I found that bull and
bear-baiting had been very widespread
for hunders of years. Extreme cruelty
to animals was inherent in baiting
sports. This cruelty was abhorrent to
me, but I was fascinated by the great
tenacity and courage of the over-matched
underdog. I was alsodrawn to the Bulldog
because of his fierce appearance.
A modern protection dog, which looks
really tough, will repulse an assailant
without having to bite. This is the most
desirable end to a confrontation.
I couldn't find a reliable source for
old style Bulldogs, and set about the
daunting task of breeding back.

I named the breed Olde English Bulldogge.

Research has been critical in developing
a standard. I have period statue, paintings,
prints, and all the important older dog
books. I found that Bulldog sizes varied
during different periodes, due to changes
in the way the baits were staged. Like all
old working breeds, Bulldogs were not bred
to a strict standard. Their distinctive body,
head, and temperament, were dictated
instead by their work. I do not want the
temperament of the original Bulldog. My
dogs must be very loving. They must have
courage and determination, without being
overly aggressive.

source picture website of the LBA.

I've found that I can't count on buyersto get their dogs under good obedience control.
If I have to make a mistake, it must be on the friendly side, and if someone wants
their dog to be sharper, all it takes is bit of training. I'd rather teach a friendly
dog to bite, then vice versa.

I'm using a line-breeding scheme, developed for cattle at Ohio State University.
You start with 3 unrelated dogs, two males and one female. Female pups from the first
cross are bred to the second male. From this point, females are bred back to uncles,
each generation.

I have 2 unrelated schemes started, so future outcrosses will be possible. I've used breeds
that all have old Bulldog in their background. The process of getting the dogs to match the
old depictions is actually rapid due to the breeds used, and a dogs' short gestation period.

I try to get on to the next generation as quickly as possible, to make genetic progress
and get consistent resultats. I'm up to the eight and minth generation on the two lines,
at the time of this printing in 1995.

OldExodeBull's Fashion aka Cooper & David Leavitt 2017

picture : FreedomBull

My dogs can now breathe. they will never be
like hounds,able to run for miles during the
hottest weather of summer, but they're
three times better than the restricted
modern Bulldog. Cesarean section births are
not necessary. Artificial insemination, due
to male ineptness and lack of drive, has been
replaced by natural ties. Life span is over
eleven years. All breeding stock have had hip
x-rays. No dogwith bad hips is bred. I'm now
achieving my goal of producing a Bulldog
with the health and temperament to be able
to serve people, instead of forcing people to serve him.

David Leavitt ( source translation OnlyBully)

original source LBA