OldExodeBull's Exodus Mc Ink

100% Leavitt Bulldog

Exodus Mc Ink

Born 05/02/16

Son of

Only Bully's Ioda & Only Bully's Bitchou Come Again

Size : 18 inches / Weight : 53 lbs

Ink 18 months old

18 months old

Exodus Mc Ink has been approuved for breeding by the LBA.

OldExodeBulls Exodus Mc Ink

Hanches / HD OFA : Fair Coudes / ED : 0/0  Spondylose : Normale

20 months old

09/09/17 : Olde Bulldogge Show 2017 Germany/Allemagne

1st place, "Excellent" 1-2 years old male class, 9 dogs in the ring, judge : David Leavitt (USA

                                    2st place, "Excellent" OldExodeBull's Fashion aka Cooper

OldExodeBulls Exodus Mc Ink and David Leavitt

Exodus Mc Ink with David Leavitt

03/03/18 : Danish Bulldog Club Show 2018 Danemark

3rd place "excellent" 1-2 years old male class, ring O.E.B, judge : Ryan L. Nielsen

1st place "excellent" 1-2 years old male class, ring L.B, judge : Mathias Deutsch